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VeChain, HubCulture, Stan Stalnaker and the Ven Confusion

I'd really like to see some discussion around this and if anyone has anything to add to my investigation.
Before you say VeChain now being called VET invalidates my argument, I found an inaccuracy on the VeChain wikipedia page further proving my point today and I was reminded of this problem. See my edit here
I have recently stumbled across a site called hub culture, which appears to be a shady invite only corporate alliance. Draw from that what you will.
If you google 'VEN' you will quickly notice the existence of a 'digital currency' called ven. See The wikipedia page is strange to me, making wild claims such as 'it is the most stable currency in the world'. If you check the hubculture wikipedia page, you really don't learn much about what the organisation is for other than some kind of knowledge exchange.
This ven currency predates VeChain and Hub culture's ven markets itself as a cryptocurrency by advertising it alongside others, but from what I can gather, it is not. I am wondering if they've taken advantage of how VeChain has taken off, similar to Roger Ver has used to claim BCH is bitcoin. My reasoning for this is you can see ven's value pegged against crypto on their site. I also recall finding evidence online of people becoming mixed up - accidentally buying 'ven' instead of VeChain although I can't find the post I have in mind. I am starting to wonder if this is part of VeChain's reason for the rebranding to vet. For instance see the following tweet at VeChain from hub culture.
When I checked this sub, I couldn't find any discussion around this alarming mix up (or anywhere on reddit for that matter) which is strange to me, because hubculture seemingly hold a global presence and their wikipedia page is the second result when searching for Ven. Google also autocompletes ven to ven currency.
They even have their own exchange which claims to allow users to exchange 'ven' for well known cryptocurrencies and fiat, plus a coin widely associated with scams called DASC . There are also references to hubculture and developing some sort of AI on the ethereum blockchain.
I'd be interested if anyone else has done some research on this organisation or if they have found anything further about the cease and desist they sent on twitter.
Stranger still, the 'ven' bank is based in bermuda, a well known tax haven
Further findings:
Stan Stalnaker, the hub culture and ven founder, seems dedicated to clearing up the confusion while shilling his own ven on Quora
What do people know about this guy?
Multiple examples where the two are totally mixed up even after rebranding
This one below was referenced on Wikipedia
EDIT: Stan has mentioned an ongoing legal dispute between the two. I think this has been kept out of the media totally.
See here
To quote
A number of people think the technology is promising. All I know is that we informed them of trademark infringement on the use of our trademarked digital currency, Ven, in mid 2017, and they are still perpetuating the use, instigating a long and protracted legal discussion that is still ongoing. To continue with trademark infringement for 9 months following citation, and knowingly doing so, is not the way we would do business. The change to VET is underway, but the truth is they rode our 10 year track record to some level of early prominence and valuation, creating massive confusion knowingly. We find this unfortunate.
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