Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern Debate Debacle - video ...

/r/Bitcoin post about based dude Lauren Southern losing Patreon - check thread for Cody Wilson's new "Hatreon". Fucking classic!

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@Lauren_Southern: RT @neilstrauss: *Bitcoin hits 18k* “I wish I got bitcoin when it was at 7k” *Bitcoin drops to 7k* “Bitcoin is crashing. I’m getting out.”

@Lauren_Southern: RT @neilstrauss: *Bitcoin hits 18k* “I wish I got bitcoin when it was at 7k” *Bitcoin drops to 7k* “Bitcoin is crashing. I’m getting out.” submitted by thefeedbot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

@Lauren_Southern: omgomgomgomg I'm about to become one of those stories where I forgot my password to my bitcoin cash wallet. fml.

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When Lauren Southern videos are showing up on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency searches results you know its mainstream

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@Lauren_Southern: RT @kiarafrobles: Love @Lauren_Southern latest Bitcoin & crypto video. Well presented facts with a fair amount of skepticism.

@Lauren_Southern: RT @kiarafrobles: Love @Lauren_Southern latest Bitcoin & crypto video. Well presented facts with a fair amount of skepticism. submitted by thefeedbot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

How to effectively study and internalize a large number of unrelated subjects, both trp and non-trp topics?

I've always been a poor learner, never been good with learning strategies. Always had a procrastination problem too, thinking "I want to learn more about that" but never taking action.
Now, after swallowing the red pill, and perusing the manosphere, I find myself in contact with a lot more learning material. Obviously the bulk of it is trp-related, but there's a lot of things that get brought up all the time in discussions. Then there is material that are rarely brought up, maybe just casually thrown around in a comment, but worth knowing.
For example here are some topics I've come into contact with recently. Some have surfaced as a result of casual browsing on previous topics. Some are full blown topics unrelated to trp, and some just from passing comments.
Take something like feminism, generally antagonized in the manosphere. Someone might make a post that criticizes it. I can understand they're right and upvote accordingly, but I wouldn't be able to make such a critique myself. You then frequently find people, NPC's if you will, who just sound off in the comments with trite "feminism bad". I want to learn both sides, perhaps even able to debate someone on even why it's good, and not just why it's bad. And it's not just feminism, all of the subjects above.
Thanks to trp and the manosphere one has easy access to thought leaders of many disparate fields, but I want to become such a thought leader myself. My reasoning, why be mediocre, uninformed, reliant on thought leaders to analyze issues for me, when I owe it to myself to be as informed and knowledgeable as I can.
I am mainly asking about learning strategies, not so much help with trp. What is the best way to study said knowledge? Notebooks - that's a lot of notebooks. What if halfway through I want to correct previous notes because I got information from the wrong sources? Loose leaf, maybe that would be better. Or maybe set up a personal wiki which I'm leaning towards, but I don't want to be too reliant on technology. It's harder to visualize compared to physical notes, not a dealbreaker though.
Can someone offer thoughts on effective study strategies?
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K-L 1k-5k

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Rights, Ownership, Property, Money, etc. ++

meaning of ++
When claims of rights disagree A right is a moral construct, a sort of axiom upon which a sense of justice developed, such as Ken Schoolland has done in the previous post. There are bound to be dissenters from his idea of justice, so who is right about rights? On the R, we believe the individual is sovereign, while the state, if it is privileged to exist at all, is duty bound to provide security for the people (not itself). On the L, they believe the State is sovereign, and the individual, if he is privileged to exist at all, is duty bound to serve the State (the persons who are operatives of the State). Obviously, R and L cannot coexist in harmony.
The only JUST way to resolve moral disputes is SEGREGATION. Split the people who disagree into "camps" or "campuses" of agreement so that "birds of a feather can flock together". As campuses evolve over time, some may grow and visa versa, as long as citizens have the privilege to migrate out. I call this a privilege because the destination a migrant may choose has the right to deny entry. A migrant must have the default privilege of going wherever he/she is accepted. Anything less is involuntary confinement (prison). How is the split achieved? Issue a constitution that defines the qualities of a citizen, and forcibly eject everyone who fails the definition. This is an act of (group) self-defense, so force is justified.
Just a speculation, but if Reech and Leech were separated into their own segregated societies as just suggested, the Reech would prosper but the Leech would quickly run out of Reech people to plunder, as the Reech would have naturally migrated to where they are appreciated and allowed to keep their property. Since Leeches suck, they would starve.
We were talking about money, and about 3 basic types: Aristotle's classic commodity money, modern token money, and fiat currency. The first 2 real, the 3rd a fraud that exists because of laws and threats.
Store of Value ++ Recalling Aristotle's attribute of money, Portability, let's introduce the concept of value density to measure it, and compare, shall we? Let's compare two commodities, gold and water. Depending on circumstances, water can be far more intrinsically valuable than gold, but it is much less value dense. Our planet has oceans of it. Increased supply means diminished price. Gold is $788.86 / cm3. Water is extremely variable in price, but let's take bottled drinking water, (most likely at the top end of the price range) for example. At Sam's Club you can get 40 bottles at 16.9 oz per bottle for $3.98, and water has mass density 1 gm/cm3, which converts to $0.000207678 / cm3. Gold is 3,798,491 times more value dense than Sam's Club bottled water.
Recalling Aristotle's attribute of Durability, water is very durable, but easily spoiled with impurities (a sort of corrosion). This idea of spoiling brings us to the concept of isolation, or containment. Traditionally, money is stored with at least two tools: a vault and accounting. Both need to have high integrity to safely store money. Classic money did not rely on accounting. Gold is its own accountant, its amount fixed, and whoever has it, owns it. Self-accountability is an intrinsic feature of precious commodity. However, external accounts CAN be made of gold. The accounts can represent the gold, so the accounts themselves can be used as money. These accounts are social constructs which rely on trust. Next, let us move on to modern money storage.
Modern money is token, or representational, like poker chips. Since this is a social construct which relies on the trustworthiness of the ability to redeem tokens for something real, we are now in the realm of casino managements, and governments with their freakin' laws and special interests. Gov'ts are already pushing to end printed money, and force everyone to use digital fiat currency units within the existing financial services sector (privileged accountant banksta middlemen).
Accounting practice keeps track of de jure ownership. Once you have that, de facto ownership loses nearly all its importance, because the tokens are not intrinsically valuable, and redemptions are made only if the de jure relationship can be established. This is where crypto-currencies, with their intrinsic (built-in) fraud-proof accountability/ provenance really start to shine.
Cryptos are a classic form of money. WTF? you are thinking. Bitcoin (BTC), for example (the pioneer) is not "backed" by anything. That's assuming it's a token money. Au contraire, it's a classic type, with intrinsic value, which is its accountability. BTC provenance is recorded on a distributed ledger, called the blockchain. Now, this intrinsic value is not like the value of a precious metal. Bitcoin is privacy-secure, fraud proof, and in total control of its owner, needing no intermediate party (bank or credit card) to confirm and transfer funds. Bitcoin is self contained (on the blockchain and in your wallet) just as a gold coin is self contained. But to carry several tons of gold, you need a heavy truck. The equivalent value in Bitcoin, indeed ANY amount of Bitcoin, can be stored on a memory chip smaller than a dime. To ship a ton of gold around the world, you need a series of reliable carriers, guards, and security agents. To send any amount of Bitcoin around the world, you just do it on the Internet, takes a few seconds, perfectly secure, receipt confirmed in seconds or less; cost nearly zero. People are already familiar with credit cards and smart phone apps that make payments quick and easy. BTC is currently a little more of a technical challenge, but with all these new features, no wonder it is so popular!
Cryptos are new. Bitcoin's specification was published 2009. Already, newer cryptos are being created with features similar to BTC. Now I'm going to offer you, dear reader, some ideas about future money that follow logically from BTC's example.
Here we do a fast forward. Imagine the Globalist/ secret-society project for world domination is crushed. Nation states have won their independence from the Globalist unions. Continuing the trend, states have been split by a plethora of secession movements into a multitude of small territories, somewhat as it was in middle age Europe. Fiat currencies are defunct. Big banks have been broken into small banks, and most of those have gone out of business. Manipulation of commodities markets has been squelched. Inflation is no longer an official goal set by the bankstas. (Inflation is a clandestine tax which erodes value of money by increasing the supply.) A stable store of value is now the goal. The Internet has taken over many past industries and the people have come to power.
Money is not issued by government, nor by international banking cartel, but there is now a large diverse competitive market of money types offered by various businesses. They are all digital crypto-currencies. They have taken on a similarity to credit cards/ smart phone/ smart watch apps. However, they have various features that serve the interests of their owners. A new feature many of these currencies have, is they pay a yield for holding them. Gold does not do that, it just sits, corrosion-free. Digital money has morphed into income-producing securities. If cryptos can be used as tokens as well as a reliable means of accounting that cuts out the middleman bankstas, whooee, money opens up a new world of opportunity for entrepreneurs to help people develop income opportunities. Bless the Internet, as the Internet blesses us!
19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt 10 min.
Liberty and Equality are not compatible As you can read in The Protocols of Zion (Basic Doctrine) the secret societies employ their mind control slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!" to sell the gullible masses on their class warfare agenda. Trouble is, if citizen's innate talents and efforts are able to put into storage the products of their life and liberty (Property), there are bound to be huge differences between citizens. The Zionists want to grab the stored wealth by gov't force. That is why they want a Tyranny of Democracy. They do mind control on the masses, which then mimic the tyranny wanted by the controllers.
Equality "It's not dispossession - it's an expansion of equality!" ABCNews/ Uncomfortable interview w/ Jared Taylor 14 min.
The conventional ideas of equality were non-existence of privileged classes (no nobility, as intended in Declaration of Independence), no special laws, justice is blind, and equality of opportunity.
But nowadays, we have two more kinds of "equality," elite persons who are above the law, (like Jon Corzine (note portrait of Paul Warbrug behind him), the Clintons, and Bill Cosby) and equality of achievement (social justice) because some minority groups were mistreated in the past by our ancestors, so now we have to give them special privileges and affirmative actions. In other words, rob from the "haves" and spread the wealth to the "have nots." This government intervention displaces results from actions, ie. promotes irresponsibility; and punishes achievement, which is a bad idea regarding personnel management. This robbing of the Reech is a Leech axiom.
Intro to Bitcoin Vinny Lingham 12 min.
What the #?!* is Bitcoin? Jeremy Rubin 16 min.
Lauren Southern speaks about Crypto-Currency 9 min.
rising food prices, cooler weather, and Cryptocoins 2. min.
Ethereum will pass bitcoins for #1 cryptocurrency 6 min.
Is China Gaming Bitcoin? | China Uncensored 9 min.
ALL Crypto Currencies HUGE DROP After Bitcoin Exchange Cyberattack 06/15/2017 10 min.
Understanding the Boom in Cryptos (now in the speculation phase); Chas. H. Smith
China Becomes First Country in the World to Test a National Cryptocurrency (Future Society)
cryptocurrency news headlines
Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? 26min.
Cryptocurrency innovations 12 min.
StackExchange, Cryptos
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Red Ice Radio w/ Mark Collett - Collapse of Freedom in Britain: The Sharia-Left Deports People with Right-Wing Views

Collapse of Freedom in Britain: The Sharia-Left Deports People with Right-Wing Views
Mar 14, 2018
Tags: activism Britain censorship child sexual abuse Europe free speech Generation Identity immigration Islam Leftism London Martin Sellner rape culture right wing Sadiq Khan Sharia Law UK
Mark Collett is a British political activist and the author of The Fall of Western Man. He has been politically active since his late teens and was formerly the Youth Leader and Head of Publicity for the British National Party. Mark now works with numerous groups both in the UK and abroad; and produces his own weekly podcast. Mark appears regularly on This Week in the Alt-Right with Bre Faucheux.
A video version of this interview is available here.
Henrik welcomes Mark back to the show to discuss recent extraordinary events in the United Kingdom. By way of introduction, Henrik provides an overview of the incredible censorship imposed upon right-of-centre activists over the past week. We begin with a detailed conversation about the conviction of Britain First’s Paul Golding and Jayda Franzen. Mark states that Ms. Franzen and Mr. Golding were both convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. He observes that their sentencing is an attempt to deflect attention away from the brutal Islamic grooming gang scandal in Telford. We then speak about how a hostile British state has deliberately concealed the horrendous scale of Muslim sexual abuse now endemic across the country. Henrik and Mark then talk at length about the detainment of Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, Lauren Southern, and a whole litany of other political activists. We also discuss the Islamic colonization of Britain, the inherent hypocrisy of multiculturalism, and more.
The member’s segment is comprised of a multifaceted intellectual discussion of Britain as an Orwellian nanny state. Mark and Henrik speak about big government’s power to infantilize adults into vacuous compliant zombies. We also talk about the Left’s inversion of reality in the modern multicult, hedonism, and the calculated removal of shame as a self-policing mechanism. Henrik also poses some interesting questions about the purpose behind seemingly contradictory government policies.
Listen to the second part of this show, sign up for a membership at You'll get full access to our extensive archives. Stream or download over 1400 programs, including radio shows, videos TV segments & our live show Weekend Warrior. You get access to exclusive videos + all new shows and videos are made available to members first.
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Relevant Links @MarkACollett
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Me Speaking At The HOT Summit Getting Stalked at #G20 WTF I'M GAY NOW?! (+Pics) I'm Going To Berkeley Is Lauren Southern a Zionist Stooge?

r/ethtrader: Welcome to /r/EthTrader, a 100% community driven sub. Here you can discuss Ethereum news, memes, investing, trading, miscellaneous … Borderless has been an expensive project. So far equipment hire, local fixers and security costs have reached the tens of thousands – but because of this we have been able to capture incredible footage, including one of the first interviews with a human trafficker in Morocco and undercover recordings of NGOs admitting to illegal activity in Greece. Tag Archives: Lauren Southern. MILO Says That Lauren Southern Had Sex with Paul Joseph Watson and Bokram. Andrew Anglin December 20, 2019. I never thought I would be defending Lauren Southern, I can tell you that. Read More » Lauren Southern’s Documentary About Migrants is Great. Andrew Anglin May 26, 2019. Watch this, it's good. Read More » NGO Teaches “Asylum Seekers” to Lie to ... According to white nationalist Richard Spencer, Bitcoin is the “currency of the alt-right.”. The decentralized, peer-to-peer, crypto-currency has obvious appeal to hate group leaders and other influential extremists: no company and no government can intervene to stop the donations from flowing. Lauren Biedenharn. Follow. Nov 29, 2017 · 2 min read. Whether you think we are in a Bitcoin bubble, a housing bubble or think this market is only going to grow and get bigger — the affects of ...

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Me Speaking At The HOT Summit

FREE “Exclusive Members Area" Watch Now: Join our Free Trading Chat Room here: Build A... The New Right: Journey to the Fringe of American Politics Michael Malice POLITICS Rubin Report - Duration: 58:55. The Rubin Report 121,196 views Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon:... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Chris Wallace: Trump Missed Opportunities To Engage With George Floyd's Family And Black Leaders - Duration: 9:41. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2,780,472 views